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I’m a Full Stack Web Developer who loves making web applications & websites. I work primarily with PHP, utilizing Laravel for backend software and , but I’m always trying new things. In my spare time I play with data visualization and UNIX system administration.


Harlo Interactive Logo

Web Developer Harlo Interactive

Full stack web development on the LAMP stack, as well as prefabricated solutions utilizing software such as Wordpress, Magento, CS-Cart, and Interspire.

Duties and Accomplishments:
  • Maintained legacy applications built with codeigniter.
  • Assisted in project planning to deliver accurate estimates and set proper client expectations.
  • Participated in design reviews before they were presented to clients to avoid potential development bottlenecks and issues.
  • Participated in direct client relations to ensure technical details were appropriately communicated.
  • Supported junior and contract developers with toolchain and basic programming challenges.
  • Directly contributed to team wide toolchain development to ensure cross compatibility between all projects.
  • Advocated heavily for coding standards and documentation to allow simpler project handoff.
  • Gave talks to further educate the business and design side on changes and improvements being made on the development side, as well as to educate them on technical capabilities and limitations to further ensure proper client expectations were set.
TechXpress Logo

Web Production TechXpress

Front end web productions on a proprietary LAMP Stack ecommerce platform.

Duties and Accomplishments:
  • Reviewed PSD Comps from contract designers to ensure platform compatibility and consistency.
  • Created standards compliant HTML / CSS pages from designed PSD comps.
  • Converted HTML/CSS pages to page templates using the Smarty templating engine.
  • Performed direct client website support on a technical level, often directly fixing broken sites while the client was on the phone.
  • Coded and scheduled client email marketing campaigns. Logo

Web Developer / Sysadmin

Primary management of 18+ ecommerce and marketing sites and handled all aspects of company IT.

Duties and Accomplishments:
  • Designed, coded, and scheduled email marketing campaigns.
  • Upgraded several Dreamweaver created sites to standards compliant xhtml and css.
  • Implemented hand rolled PHP templating system to deliver previously html only pages not managed by ecommerce platform.
  • Coordinated ecommerce platform upgrades, often working directly with engineers at ElementsCMS to ensure new features accomplished business goals.
  • Purchased, setup and installed new workstations within warehouse and retail store.
  • Worked to remove flash based content on all sites and replace them with standards based JavaScript solutions.
  • Optimized website load times through removal of excess html, css, and js as well as implementing compression on the apache server.
  • Managed and maintained active directory login and email system across a network of 20+ users


Languages / Markups / Data Formats

PHP SASS JavaScript HTML5 CSS3 Python Ruby JSON SVG


MySQL SQLite MongoDB

Frameworks / Libraries / Toolkits

Laravel Codeigniter SLIM Lumen Node.js Angular.js Bootstrap Foundation jQuery D3


Git Composer Assembla UNIX Shell Chrome Developer Tools NPM Gulp.js


SEO OpenGraph Twitter Cards


Cuesta College Computer Science (in progress)

  • Currently Enrolled
  • San Luis Obispo, CA
  • Website Web Development

233 achievements. 17,065 total points. PHP, Javascript, Ruby, and Python.

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